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The Mission of the National Public Procurement Authority is to regulate and monitor public procurement in Sierra Leone and to advise Government on issues relating to public procurement.

Annual Assessment Report

NPPA Annual Report 2009-2010

A good public procurement system contributes a lot towards the fight against corruption and improves governance, introducing efficiency and transparency in Public Financial Management (PFM). Having identified this salient point, the Government, in consultation with its development partners, realized that in view of the widespread perception of corrupt practices and inefficiencies, there was an urgent need to develop our public procurement system. 
In essence, this led to the decision to build trust in the procurement system since over 70 percent of the Government’s Budget is procurement related.

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NPPA Annual Report 2007 - 2008

This report is produced by the National Public Procurement Authority, Sierra Leone as one of its statutory functions in accordance with the Public Procurement Act, 2004
The period 2007 – 2008 has been a very busy time for the Authority. As part of our mandate, the Authority carried out the following activities aimed at ensuring efficient procurement practice and value for money in Public Procurement: nationwide sensitization workshops / seminars; rollout of the procurement process to over 100 entities; and assisted MDAs in the preparation of procurement plans. However, a series of challenges and constraints were encountered – late disbursement of funds to undertake planned activities; lack of sufficient man – power; and mobility within and outside Freetown.

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