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The Mission of the National Public Procurement Authority is to regulate and monitor public procurement in Sierra Leone and to advise Government on issues relating to public procurement.

Alie Barker Kargbo, Head of Capacity Building Department

Alie Barker Kargbo, Head of Capacity Building Department

Alie Kargbo, Head of Capacity Building Department strives to ensure the implementation of strategies and policies, which includes dissemination of information, education and communication with stakeholders. His role also includes the establishment of sound training and career development strategies for Procurement Officers in the public service, including Local Government Councils, Ministries, Agencies and Departments as well as staff of NPPA. This role is pivotal to the public perception of the credibility of NPPA. Mr. Kargbo joined the senior management team of the National Public Procurement Authority three years ago.  

Alie Kargbo brought on board to NPPA, vast experience in the formulation, coordination, implementation and management of huge resourced emergency relief and sustainable development programmes. Over the past several years, he has served at senior management levels for various international non governmental organizations including actionaid Sierra Leone in Sierra Leone and Guinea, the Catholic Relief Services, United Nations and the World Bank country office, among others. 

He is a graduate with a Bachelors of Arts degree General, in Rural and Development Sociology and English Language, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from Fourah Bay College. He also holds a Master of Science in Rural Development Studies Njala University College, University of Sierra Leone respectively. Alie Kargbo has a keen interest in training and capacity building, an interest he has maintained as a trained and qualified teacher, the first profession he was first exposed to.  

Role of the Department

The Capacity Building Department performs a very crucial role at National Public Procurement Authority. It is charged with the dissemination of information, awareness raising on public procurement and building the capacity/training of staff and persons engaged in Public Procurement using public funds in the MDAs and other key procuring institutions. This is to promote best practices in public procurement in Sierra Leone. As the country’s population grows  and cities and towns expand, the need for efficient Public Procurement services becomes more prominent if we aim at ensuring sustainable growth and economic development. 

The National Public Procurement Authority endeavors to promote fair play, professionalism, integrity, accountability, transparency and effectiveness among persons entrusted with public funds. The Department works to ensure the provision of quality services to the procuring entities, other stakeholders and the public, to improve the capacity of the procuring entities to undertake procurement in a highly professional manner and to comply with the Public Procurement Act.
The Department supports the development of professional and academic proficiency of trainers in tertiary institutions and universities through training of trainers programs and development of training modules, meant to be subsequently used for training of students and stakeholders engaged in public procurement. The Capacity Building team employs various strategies to ensure efficiency of staff of the Department and NPPA through training core staff to be  in a position to conduct various training for colleagues at NPPA and stakeholders in the procurement business
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An inefficient and ineffective procurement system has a serious negative effect on good governance

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