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The Mission of the National Public Procurement Authority is to regulate and monitor public procurement in Sierra Leone and to advise Government on issues relating to public procurement.

Joseph B. Dauda

Joseph B. Dauda Jnr, Head of Finance Department & Finance Manager.

Joseph B. Dauda is a Chartered Certified Accountant with a Honours degree in Accounting and Finance. He has been a member of the management team of the Authority since August 2006.  He has an excellent track record in achieving timely results and driving sustainable change, with strong Procurement, Financial and Project Management skills.  

A commercially aware Chartered Certified Accountant with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. A proven ability to constantly improve existing processes and systems. Possessing communication, team work and leadership skills

 Functions of the Finance Department

Being fully independent from administrative functions, the Finance department comprises of (3 Three) key personnel’s ;( The Finance Manager & the Senior Finance Officer and the Finance Assistant)

The key functions of the finance department are highlighted below as follow:

  1. Coordinate plan and control of all revenue and expenditure of the authority.
  2. Ensure timely and regular disbursement of allocations of funds to the authorities account, thereby ensuring timely achievements of budgeted commitments.
  3. Undertake all enquiries and clarification on financial issues with donors and Accountant Generals department.
  4. Liaised with and cooperate with Auditors on inspecting the authority’s financial records.
  5. Ensures that all financial statutory commitment of the authority e.g. PAYE, NASSIT, GST and other forms of income taxes.
  6. Ensure that all receipt and funds disbursement are made in line of the Authorities’ Administrative and financial policies and procedures.
  7. Keep adequate track on financial records covering all aspect of the Authorities’ functions.
  8. Coordinate and prepare the Authorities’ annual project.
  9. Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual statement to show the Authorities’ current operating and financial position with regards to approved budget for highlighting variances where they occur for the attention of the CE AND THE Board.
  10. Prepare financial account, income and expenditure, Asset and Liabilities account in the form of balance sheet, income and expenditure and cash flow and they must be always reflective of the Accruals, Consistency going on concern and the Produce Concepts.
  11. Generally advise the CE on measure to safe guard the asset, revenues and financial autonomy, and control the liabilities and expenditures of NPPA.                   
  12. Define and develop the finance accounting manual to ensure consistency and professional rigour in the activities of the FD procedures in use are in conformity with the rules and laid down in the accounting manual.
  13. Coordinate other department heads in the NPPA in the preparation of a strategy of 3 years rolling plans, updated each year for the next 3 years (MTEF), and annual plan and budget of the NPPA for the review of the CE. Also ensure adequate and timely monitoring and reporting mechanism.
  14. Define and control the preparation of daily, weekly, monthly quarterly ad hoc and manual accrual-based financial statement for management information for decision making and control.
  15. Periodically reviewed cashbook and account ledgers for reasonableness and to detect unusual transactions also to ensure that they are up to date. Ensure the identification and timely monitoring of key financial indicators to optimise the financial performance and control expenditures of the NPPA.
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Delivering the best overall value to the Institute"Procurement monitoring ensures fairness, transparency and professionalism”

In modern democratic dispensations and economies, the world is turning its eyes and maintaining zero tolerance to corruption.

Transparency in selection process, to ensure equal opportunities for all eligible bidders

An inefficient and ineffective procurement system has a serious negative effect on good governance

Good procurement management promotes national development”- Dr Kaifala Marrah

Identifying and recommending environmentally responsible procurement practices

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