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NPPA Acknowledges PFMRU

Mr. Augustine Cole, Director of the PFMU

Mr. Augustine Cole, Director of the PFMRU; in Mauritius with Mrs. Alice Onomake Chairman Board of Directors NPPA and Alie B Kargbo Head of Research Unit NPPA, respectively. 

In addition to the financial funding of the government of Sierra Leone, the Public Financial Management Reform Unit has been very instrumental in providing financial support to the National Public Procurement Authority.

The upgrade of this website is a case in point that could not have been achieved without financial support from this unit. The National Public Procurement Authority wishes to acknowledge herein that it has enjoyed a very cordial working relationship with the PFMRU and remains grateful to the management of that unit for developing the website to modern standards.

Prior to the establishment of the PFMRU, the government of Sierra Leone took several significant steps to improve its financial management practices by conducting various diagnostic studies. A Country Profile Financial Accountability (CPFA) assessment was conducted in December 2001 and a Country Financial Accountability Assessment (CFAA) completed in March 2002, among others.

With the support of development partners such as the European Commission, Department for International Development, International Development Association and the African Development Bank, the government of Sierra Leone designed the Public Financial Management Reform Unit.
This unit which commenced operations in February 2010, was intended to ensure sustainable improvement in the credibility, predictability, control and transparency of fiscal and budget management. 
The unit is dedicated to honest, effective communications and information sharing. It is also committed to the promotion of transparency, accountability and probity in the use of public funds.
The National Public Procurement Authority falls under the second of five components, namely “Reinforcing key aspects of the control system to support improved service delivery, key aspects of which include: robust public procurement practices, which the project funds. Among other MDAs supported by the IPFM, NPPA has registered significant gains in terms of support for its operations and still maintains stronger ties for future collaborative support.   
Since its establishment in 2010, the unit has provided financial support to NPPA to implement the following activities: conduct annual public procurement forums for stakeholders, annual procurement assessments, series of compliance monitoring activities, sensitization workshops for various stakeholders including; Parliamentarians, the President and Cabinet Ministers and Civil Society organizations, to mention but a few.
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