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The Government Budgeting and Accountability Act, 2005

  • Friday, Apr 01 2005

Being an Act to secure transparency and accountability in the appropriation, control and management of the finances and other financial resources of Sierra Leone and to provide for other related matters. ENACTED by the President and Members of Parliament in this present Parliament assembled.

1. This Act shall come into operation on such date as the Minister shall fix by order made by statutory instrument.
2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires–
“accountable” means, the requirement to record, report, explain and justify actions, as the case may be, to a superior officer, to Parliament or to the public;
“appropriation” means any money charged on the Consolidated Fund or other public fund or public account;
“budget” means the annual estimates of the revenues and other receipts and the expenditures of the Government, including grants to local councils of Sierra Leone submitted for the approval of Parliament;
“budgetary agency” means a government department or other public body to which a specific head or division or both of expenditure is allocated in the annual estimates;
“Constitution” means the Constituton of Sierra Leone, 1991;
“departmental accounts” has the meaning assigned thereto in subsection (2) of section 50;
“financial year” means a period of twelve months starting on 1st January in one year and ending on 31st December of the same year;
“general revenue” means the revenue accruing to and collected in favour of the Government during any financial year;
“Government” means the Government of Sierra Leone;
“local council” means a local council established under the Local Government Act 2004;

The Government Budgeting & Accountability Act,  (Download Full Version)

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