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The Local Government Act, 2004

  • Monday, Mar 01 2004

The Local Government Act, 2004, Being an Act to consolidate with amendments, the law on local government, and to provide for the decentralization and devolution of functions, powers and services to local councils and for other matters connected therewith.

Being an Act to establish the National Public Procurement Authority, to regulate and harmonise public procurement processes in the public .
Interpretation. 1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires -

“Anti-Corruption Commission” means the Anti- Corruption Commission established by the Anti- Corruption Act, 2000;

“assets” includes moveable and immoveable properties;

“Chairperson” means a person elected in accordance with section 11 or 125 and includes a mayor in the case of the Freetown City Council;

“Chiefdom Councils” means Chiefdom Councils established under the Chiefdom Councils Act;

“Commission” means the Local Government Service Commission established by section 35;

“Constitution” means the Constitution of Sierra Leone, 1991;

“Councillor” means a member of a local council;

“devolved function” means a function performed by Central Government but transferred to local councils under section 20;

“elected Councillor” means a member of a local council elected under paragraph (a) of subsection (1) of section 4;

“elector” means any person whose name is on any Register of Electors prepared in accordance with the Electoral Laws Act, 2002;

“financial year” means the financial year of the Government;

“Inter-Ministerial Committee” means the Inter- Ministerial Committee on Local Government and Decentralisation established under section 109;

“locality” means the administrative area of a local council and includes a district, town, city or metropolis;

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