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The Anti Corruption Act, 2000

  • Thursday, Feb 03 2000

Being an Act to provide for the prevention of corrupt practices and for related matters. Enacted by the President and Members of Parliament in this present Parliament assembled.


Interpretation.  1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires:—

"advantage" includes—

a. any gift, loan, fee, reward or commission, consisting of money or of any valuable security or other property or interest in property;

b. any office, employment or contract;

c. any payment, discharge or liquidation of any loan; and

d. any other benefit or favour (except entertainment);

"Commission" means the Anti-Corruption Commission established by section 2;

"Commissioner" means the Anti-Corruption Commissioner;

"Court" means the High Court;

"document" includes tape-recording, any form of computer input or output and any other material, whether produced mechanically, electronically, manually or otherwise;

"official income" means salaries, wages, allowances, pensions, gratuities and other moneys paid to a public officer by virtue of his appointment as public officer;

"member" means the Anti-Corruption Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner;

"public body" includes—

a. the Government;

b. Parliament;

c. the Freetown City Council and any other local authority;

d. a company in which the Government is a major shareholder;

e. a corporation established by an Act of Parliament or out of moneys provided by Parliament;

f. any commission, committee or other body of persons, whether paid or unpaid, appointed by or on behalf of the Government or local authority or by a public corporation or company in which the Government is a major shareholder;

g. any educational or similar institution financed wholly or partly from public funds; and

h. any organisation, whether local or foreign, established to render any voluntary social service to the public or any section thereof or for other charitable purposes, which receives funds or other donation for the benefit of the people of Sierra Leone or a section thereof;

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