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1.2.2 Deviations Policy 

Where an activity or procedure is inconsistent with the provisions of this  Manual, it must be approved as a Deviation before the relevant activity or  procedure can be undertaken. Deviations may not be approved if they conflict  directly with: 

  • professional procurement standards and the Code of Ethics; or 
  • the Constitution of Sierra Leone, or 
  • established National and International Law and International Treaties. 

Deviations should normally be of a short-term and one-off nature. Where they are recurrent, or become repetitive, then the National Public Procurement Authority shall decide whether there is a need to introduce revisions in the Manual to reflect the necessary change, in accordance with Section 1.3 of this Manual.

1.2.3 Procedure for Approval of Deviations

Where a deviation is considered essential, the Chairman of a Procurement Committee will submit a formal request to the NPPA detailing the circumstances and including a full justification for the request of the Committee. The NPPA shall formally reject such requests, or approve by issue of a specific waiver. 

Deviations and waivers shall be carefully reviewed in the monitoring activities of NPPA and audited by the Ministry of Finance Internal Audit Department and the Auditor General. 

The NPPA will review all deviation requests to determine whether the relevant provisions in the Manual need to be amended.


1.3.1 Reasons for Revision 

A number of factors may necessitate a need for revision of this Manual including: 

  • new legislation; 
  • policy changes by Government or a funding body; 
  • introduction of new improved practices, policies or procedures; 
  • removal of outdated practices, policies or procedures; 
  • lessons gained from practical experience.

1.3.2 Request for Revisions by an Procuring Entity 

Where a revision to the Manual is deemed necessary, a formal request may be submitted to NPPA in accordance with the following procedure: 

  • The request shall be prepared and approved by the relevant Procurement Committee, and authorised by the Vote Controller of the Procuring Entity. 
  • The request shall state the purpose of the revision and provide a comprehensive justification, together with the precise changes suggested to the relevant text of the Manual. 
  • The NPPA will formally consider each request, seek legal and procurement practice advice and may agree to a general modification of the Manual, a specific exemption to be granted to the requesting Procuring Entity, or may reject the request giving reasons.


To assist in the adoption and use of standard practices and procedures throughout Government, the following Standard Procurement Forms (SPFs) are introduced within this Manual:

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