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 1.4.1 SPF 1 – Procurement Requisition 

This form establishes the preliminary specification, the budget availability and authority for the procurement, and requires the allocation of a Procurement Number to be used for procurement tracking and monitoring.

1.4.2 SPF 2 – Submission for Procurement Committee Approval

This Form has four Sections as follows: 

  • Section A – Request for Approval of Specifications, Procurement Method and Bidding Documents. 
  • Section B – Request for Approval of Evaluation Report and Contract Award Recommendations 
  • Section C – Request for Approval of Contract Document and Contract Signature 
  • Section D – Request for Contract Amendment

The purpose of this Form is to standardise the format of submissions to the Procurement Committee, to act as a checklist of information to be provided to the Committee, and to ensure that submissions are presented with the approval of an authorised responsible officer. Use of the Form eliminates the need for individual covering letters to be prepared on each application to the Procurement Committee. 

1.4.3 SPF 3 – Decision of the Procurement Committee (PC

Standard format for reporting and communicating decisions of the Procurement Committee for each procurement stage considered by the Committee. 

1.4.4 SPF 4 – Evaluation Report (Least Cost - LC)

Standard evaluation format for the procurement of goods, works and simple services. Used where the lowest priced responsive and technically compliant bid is selected for award of contract. 

The purpose of this form is to standardise the preparation and improve the content of evaluation reports submitted to the Procurement Committee for approval. 

1.4.5 SPF 5 – Evaluation Report (Quality and Cost Based Selection - QCBS) 

Standard evaluation format for technical and financial evaluations of consultant services and other merit-point system procurements. This format has two Sections for separate Technical and Financial Evaluations to allow for “two-envelope” bidding. 

The purpose of this form is to standardise the preparation and improve the content of evaluation reports submitted to the Procurement Committee for approval.

1.4.6 SPF 6 – Monthly Procurement Report 

Monthly report to be submitted to the National Public Procurement Authority by each Procurement Committee.


1.5.1 Purpose: 

The purpose of the Procurement Numbering system introduced by this Manual is to ensure each requirement is given a unique identification to assist in the tracking, monitoring and audit of procurement, and in the tracing and maintenance of records and files. The Procurement Number is assigned at the requisition stage and will form the basis for document filing and management information systems. 

Procurement Numbers are issued from a register maintained by a Stores Department, or the Head of the User Department, Programme or Project as appropriate. Numbers must not be re-used, even if the original procurement is cancelled. 

1.5.2 Structure of the Procurement Number 

The basic Procurement Number consists of four parts as follows: 

  • The Procuring Entity - Up to five letters being the commonly used abbreviation which identifies the Procuring Entity. (e.g. “MOF” for the Ministry of Finance)
  • The Department or Project - Up to five letters used to identify the Department or Project (e.g. “Admin” for the Administration Department) within the Procuring Entity.
  • The Financial Year (e.g. 2005). 
  • A Four-Digit Sequence Number - The sequence number allocated by the Department or Project within the Financial Year (e.g. from 0001 to 9999).


A simple example is “MOF/ADMIN/2005/0022” representing the 22nd requisition raised in the year 2005 by the Administration Department of the Ministry of Finance.

1.5.3 Multiple Bids/RFQs or Multiple Contracts arising from a single Requisition 

When a single requisition results in multiple bids or requests for quotations (RFQ), and/or a bid or RFQ results in multiple contracts, further numbers are added to identify the individual Bid/RFQ and Contract. 


“MOF/ADMIN/2005/0022/1/3” would identify the third contract arising from the first (or only) bidding process or RFQ resulting from the original requisition.

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