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Office of the Chief Executive

Mr. Ibrahim Brima Swarray is the Chief Executive. He joined the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) as Chief Executive in June 2018. Before joining NPPA, he had worked for Pro-Credit Bank, United Bank of Africa for the period of two (2) years. He later joined the Sierra Leone Civil Service and worked for about seven (7) years as Procurement Officer and Headed the procurement Unit at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. At the Sierra Leone Correctional Services (SLCS), he was promoted to Senior Procurement Officer where he spent his two last years. 

Mr. Ibrahim Brima Swarray holds a Masters degree in Development Management and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Procurement from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone. 

Mr. Ibrahim Brima Swarray is proud of his recent engagement with procurement practitioners of all MDAs which ensures transparency and accountability in public procurement. He is very passionate about ensuring the effectiveness of NPPA as a regulator and monitor of public procurement in Sierra Leone, and principal adviser to the Government of Sierra Leone on all procurement activities.

Below are our key Departments within the Authority:

Admin & HR

The Admin & Human Resource Department mandate in the Authority is an embodiment of several responsibilities ranging from administration to human resources management. For the comprehensive accomplishment of the Authority’s statutory mandate as postulated in the NPPA Act of 2016, the Administration and Human Resource Department is established with the largest number of staff and charged with the principal responsibility to execute policies approved by the Board, transmitted through the Chief Executive and to also regulate a balance of interest between staff welfare issues and the objectives of the Authority.

In critical moments of budgetary constraints at both departmental and institutional levels the department has managed to survive with significant accomplishments and few challenges as it could be the case elsewhere.

Capacity Building

The Capacity Building Department performs a very crucial role at National Public Procurement Authority. It is charged with the dissemination of information, awareness raising on public procurement and building the capacity/training of staff and persons engaged in Public Procurement using public funds in the MDAs and other key procuring institutions. This is to promote best practices in public procurement in Sierra Leone. As the country’s population grows and cities and towns expand, the need for efficient Public Procurement services becomes more prominent if we aim at ensuring sustainable growth and economic development. The National Public Procurement Authority endeavors to promote fair play, professionalism, integrity, accountability, transparency and effectiveness among persons entrusted with public funds. The Department works to ensure the provision of quality services to the procuring entities, other stakeholders and the public, to improve the capacity of the procuring entities to undertake procurement in a highly professional manner and to comply with the Public Procurement Act. The Department supports the development of professional and academic proficiency of trainers in tertiary institutions and universities through training of trainers programs and development of training modules, meant to be subsequently used for training of students and stakeholders engaged in public procurement. The Capacity Building team employs various strategies to ensure efficiency of staff of the Department and NPPA through training core staff to be in a position to conduct various training for colleagues at NPPA and stakeholders in the procurement business


Being fully independent from administrative functions, the Finance department comprises of (3 Three) key personnel’s ;( The Finance Manager & the Senior Finance Officer and the Finance Assistant) The key functions of the finance department are highlighted below as follow: Coordinate plan and control of all revenue and expenditure of the authority. Ensure timely and regular disbursement of allocations of funds to the authorities account, thereby ensuring timely achievements of budgeted commitments. Undertake all enquiries and clarification on financial issues with donors and Accountant Generals department. Liaised with and cooperate with Auditors on inspecting the authority’s financial records. Ensures that all financial statutory commitment of the authority e.g. PAYE, NASSIT, GST and other forms of income taxes. Ensure that all receipt and funds disbursement are made in line of the Authorities’ Administrative and financial policies and procedures. Keep adequate track on financial records covering all aspect of the Authorities’ functions. Coordinate and prepare the Authorities’ annual project. Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual statement to show the Authorities’ current operating and financial position with regards to approved budget for highlighting variances where they occur for the attention of the CE AND THE Board. Prepare financial account, income and expenditure, Asset and Liabilities account in the form of balance sheet, income and expenditure and cash flow and they must be always reflective of the Accruals, Consistency going on concern and the Produce Concepts. Generally advise the CE on measure to safe guard the asset, revenues and financial autonomy, and control the liabilities and expenditures of NPPA. Define and develop the finance accounting manual to ensure consistency and professional rigour in the activities of the FD procedures in use are in conformity with the rules and laid down in the accounting manual. Coordinate other department heads in the NPPA in the preparation of a strategy of 3 years rolling plans, updated each year for the next 3 years (MTEF), and annual plan and budget of the NPPA for the review of the CE. Also ensure adequate and timely monitoring and reporting mechanism. Define and control the preparation of daily, weekly, monthly quarterly ad hoc and manual accrual-based financial statement for management information for decision making and control. Periodically reviewed cashbook and account ledgers for reasonableness and to detect unusual transactions also to ensure that they are up to date. Ensure the identification and timely monitoring of key financial indicators to optimise the financial performance and control expenditures of the NPPA.


Assist in the formulation of policies and standards on public procurement and to ensure compliance by all procuring entities to procurement contracts; Provide interpretation of the Act and other instruments governing the procurement process; Issue out standard forms of contract and standard bidding documents for mandatory use by all Miniseries, Departments and Agencies including Local Councils; Assist MDAs including Local Councils in the preparation of annual procurement plans; The department also provides professional advice in the management of works contracts and training of Procurement officers in all MDAs on public procurement practices and procedures in Sierra Leone; Provide technical guidance to procuring entities in establishing procurement structures in accordance with the Public Procurement Act 2016; Visitations to various work sites to ascertain the status of civil works all over the country; Provide Help Desk, giving technical support for the reviewing of all procurement actions in accordance with the public procurement Act 2016 by all MDAs including Local Councils.

M&E Department

The Monitoring and Evaluation Department is a pivotal technical wing of the National Public Procurement Authority. Mr. Alfred Coker is the head of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department In this capacity, he is charged with the responsibility to design the framework and strategy for public procurement monitoring and evaluation in Sierra Leone Mr. Coker joined NPPA in 2010 as one of the first core technical staff members recruited to move the procurement reform process in Sierra Leone forward. Since joining the department, he has been able to develop the procurement monitoring and evaluation framework for the public sector procurement in Sierra Leone. He has the responsibility to undertake routine monitoring, investigative monitoring and evaluate the operations of procurement in terms of both compliance with the law and quality performance. He is also the lead person in the Country Procurement Assessment Review (CPAR). Mr. Coker has represented the Authority in various and varied fora, both at National and International levels. He represented Sierra Leone in the development of the Tender Code for the Economic Commission of West African States. He has represented Sierra Leone and made a number of technical presentations at the Commonwealth public procurement Network technical meetings over the past four years (2009 to 2012). He is a trainer and Chairman of the Sierra Leone Procurement Network (SLPN) initiated by UNFPA. As a national trainer in procurement, he has also contributed considerably in the development of professionalism in procurement in Sierra Leone. Want to learn about Xanax? Have a look at this website for Xanax online. He has also played a major role in training civil society organizations on procurement monitoring. Consultant for development programmes, researcher, project manager, procurement manager and conflict management consultant for the past 20 years (1983 to 2003).

Our Mission

"The Mission of NPPA is to regulate and monitor public procurement in Sierra Leone and to advise Government on issues relating to public procurement."

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